Hygiene, Pest Control and Specialised Services

We offer an integrated solution which is tailor made to your specific needs.

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Washroom Hygiene

We offer a full range of specialised hygiene services and products that maintain high standards of hygiene  within the workplace.


Washroom Deep Clean

Our specialised team for deep cleaning are responsible for cleaning those often neglected areas with a high concentration of germs


Pest Control

Our qualified team quickly and effectively assess the situation and implement the appropriate procedures to rid your workplace of the pests


Specialised Services

Our specialist cleaning services cover all parts of your building, factory, warehouse, gyms from ceilings and floors to windows and upholstery



Santos Francisco Property Group

We are a group of various properties across the Western Cape and Salutaire is the service provider to most of our buildings.

Salutaire staff and very friendly and provide excellent service to their customers. They always assist us promptly and go out of their way for urgent requests.

The company conducts themselves in a professional manner and pride themselves on keeping that personal relationship with their customers. They are very reliable and always willing to help.

We personally appreciate the fact that they do not have a call centre but a representative on our portfolio, making it easier for us to correspond with them.

Foschini Retail Group

Salutaire has been providing TFG with hygiene and pest control services for the past 23 years.

Their services provided has always been timeous and of a good quality.

Reliability and consistency is a strength that Salutaire strives at and I would highly recommend their services.

House of Monatic

Salutaire is a hygiene service provider at our factory for more than twenty years and has served the company since February 1997.

Salutaire provides us with services of deep cleaning, clearing of fem bins, pest control and renting of hand dryers.

The management of this company are hands-on and check regularly on the quality of work of the labour force. The labour force is highly skilled and well trained, they go about their duties in a very professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Salutaire.


As from March 1996, Pep has had a Service Level Agreement with Salutaire for their Hygiene Services, which include Pest Control, Deep Cleaning, Servicing of Fem bins and Fragrance Units. As from August 2016 Pragma Africa, who is the Facilities Management company that manages all the Soft Services on behalf of Pep, has taken over this responsibility.

Salutaire is a bunch of friendly staff who are doing their jobs with a positive attitude and always on time with their monthly services. There are times that we have to log calls for jobs to be done urgently and they won’t hesitate to be on site at their earliest convenience.

I will, therefore, recommend them to any site.