Hygiene, Pest Control and Specialised Services

We offer an integrated solution which is tailor made to your specific needs.

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Washroom Hygiene

We offer a full range of specialised hygiene services and products that maintain high standards of hygiene in a safe and user friendly manner within the workplace.
Areas we cover within the workplace, factory, shopping malls, gyms to name a few:

  • Sanitary Bins
  • Soap Units
  • Paper Units
  • Disposer Waste Bins
  • Fragrance Units
  • Disinfectant toilet seat units
  • Urinal Sanitizers
  • Urinal Auto Flush Head
  • Toilet Roll Holders
  • Floor Stand Paper Dispensers
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Paper, Soap, Sanitizing Consumables

These include dispenser rentals, outright purchase and full maintenance of purchased dispensers.

The products are available in white, satin and stainless steel. Please contact us for a representative to demonstrate our range.


Washroom Deep Clean

Our specialised team for deep cleaning are responsible for cleaning those often neglected areas with a high concentration of germs.

Areas we cover within the workplace, factory, shopping malls, gyms:

  • Washbasins
  • Toilet Receptacles, rim, seat & covers
  • Urinals
  • Showers
  • Cubicle Walls
  • Interior Windows
  • Ceiling Light Fittings
  • Light Switches
  • Walls from ceiling to floor

Our regular service intervals ensure that the ongoing lime, scale and iron deposits present in our water which forms a build-up under the rim of the toilets, at the sieve of the urinals and washbasins, as well as drainage pipes is removed by means of steam at 140°C. All chemicals used are SABS approved.

Pest Control Treatment

Our qualified team quickly and effectively assess the situation and implement the appropriate procedures to rid of the pests within your workplace, factory, shopping malls, gyms:

Areas of speciality:

  • Creeping/Crawling Insects
  • Rodents
  • Bird Proofing
  • Fly Catchers
  • Moth/ Weevil Attractant units
  • Fumigation
  • Pest Control in accordance to HACCP for food related industries

We implement a progressive floor plan approach with regular site inspections to ensure the eradication of pests to keep your inventory and building in perfect condition.

Specialised Services

Our specialist cleaning services cover all parts of your building, factory, warehouse, gyms from ceilings and floors to windows and upholstery.

Our services include the following:

  • Kitchen Steam Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Pre / Post Occupation Cleaning
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Post Fire Cleaning
  • Post Water Damage Cleaning
  • Refuse Bay Cleaning
  • Rubble Removal

No matter what industry you’re in and or what type of buildings you occupy, our specialised cleaning services can be used in your business. From healthcare and hospitality building cleaning to office park and retail centre cleaning, we’ll keep all parts of your premises clean and free of germs on an ongoing basis.

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